Sus Hi Eatstation
380 S State Rd suite 1004
Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714

This document serves as a binding contract between Sus Hi Eatstation, hereafter known as "Host," and the Organization hereafter known as "Organization”. The Host desires to work with the Organization for a Partial Proceeds event at the establishment located at 380 S State Rd suite 1004 Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714. Both parties agree to abide by the following conditions:


  1. The Host will be in charge of the following aspects of the event: Providing the establishment, servicing members, receiving fliers, counting fliers, and providing a monetary donation based on the number of received fliers.

  2. The Organization will be in charge of the following aspects of the event: Planning the event, promoting to members, and the design of the flier.

  3. In addition to planning and promoting the event and designing the flier, the Organization’s responsibilities will include but not be limited to overseeing members, maintaining controlled atmosphere, and respecting property.

  4. The Organization agrees to refrain from passing out fliers within the plaza property, including the inside and outside of the establishment. Failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of the event and no funds will be given to the organization regardless of how many fliers were received or when the event was terminated.

  5. The Host will donate 10 (ten) percent of pre-taxed sales as per the number of completed transactions presented with a flier.

  6. The Host will count the number of transactions based on the fliers presented by the Organization members

  7. It is the Organization’s responsibility to notify members about fliers.

  8. The Host will count and total the transactions with fliers and the count will be accepted without question.

  9. The Host will not be responsible for the misplacement or miscount of fliers. Once the fliers have been counted, the number is final.

  10. The Host will provide the Organization with a transaction list.

  11. The Organization agrees to use the monetary donation for the sole purpose of the Organization.

  12. The Organization agrees to respect the name and brand of the establishment, including but not limited to social media and online representation.

  13. The Organization agrees to confirm the event at least 7 days in advance. In the event that confirmation is received late, the event will automatically be canceled.

  14. If cancellation is required, both parties agree to notify the other party within 24 hours of the event

  15. The requirements for confirmation are as follows: approved flyer and signed service agreement.

  16. Organization agrees to provide Host with an accurate estimate of the headcount for the event. Failure to maintain at least 60{eb3fd0910ecc699e9ad886f5a8e163d060ef25fcaf9f59f16f2d4b65b5407302} of the proposed headcount may result in the lost of the entire donation amount and may not be claimed either partially or in full.

  17. Organization will allow Host a minimum 7 days to prepare the donation packet for pickup.
  18. Host will contact Organization through email upon completion of the donation packet.
  19. Organization must have a member or representative sign a Receipt of Charitable Donation upon pickup of the donation packet.

    Event flyer to include event details and the Sus Hi Eatstation logo

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