Be Part of the Ninja Family

Our people is what makes Sus Hi such a specialplace to eat and work. We are completely committed to hiring only the very best and empowering them to become leaders who bring out the best in the people around them.When a Ninja joins the Clan, they arewelcomed into a family that supports each other. We live by our core values andwork towards teaching these values to allwho join the Clan.


Front of House Food Prep

As an entry-level Ninja, Ninjas are the ones engaging our guests, preparing their food, and giving them the best customer service with a team of fellow Ninjas. Ninjas have a firm understanding of our menu in order to help our guests get the best food they can get. Not only do Ninjas serve our guests by serving food, but you’ll also cashier our guests out, leaving them on a good note with, “Enjoy your meal, ninja!”


Kitchen Prep

Using their Ninja speed and accuracy, Kitchen Ninjas prepare the delicious food that Ninjas serve to our guests. They ensure the freshness and cleanliness of our ingredients with your fellow Kitchen Ninjas, and make sure our food exceeds not only Sus Hi’s standards, but the standards of our guests as well. Kitchen Ninjas prepare everything the Ninjas serve, such as rice, proteins, sauces (which we make in-store) and produces. Kitchen Ninjas are expected to have prior restaurant experience in order to ensure the quality that we promise to our guests!



Head Ninjas are those who have leveled up from being an excellent Ninja, and have become qualified to pass that excellence onto newer and less-experienced Ninjas! Head Ninjas are expected to do everything a Ninja is able to do, and then some! In this position, it is imperative that Head Ninjas are patient, open and provide an excellent example for their proteges, and pass their wisdom on to the next generation of Ninjas!


Shift Leader

A Sensei’s skills have developed to the point of mastery of the way of the Ninja, and now, they are ready to manage their own team of Ninjas! As the first level of management, a Sensei is expected to maintain day-to-day operations at the Dojo. Senseis are leaders, and with that, they have to provide the best example for their Ninjas and have good team management skills. It’s up to the Sensei to make sure that things at the Dojo run smoothly for the day!


General Manager

The Master Sensei is in charge of their own Dojo! But with great power comes with great responsibility, and with that, the Master Sensei takes the responsibility of every single operation of the Dojo. The Master Sensei is responsible for building sales, monitoring food and labor cost, as well as taking charge of hiring in-store. They are also expected to manage scheduling within the Dojo, including the work schedule, meetings, and events. Because of their many duties and responsibilities to the Dojo, the Master Sensei is required to have either an A.A or B.A./B.S. in a related field in order to be the best Master Sensei they can be!

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