When you walk into Sus Hi Eatstation, you instantly become a Ninja. You are greeted as Ninja by Ninjas with fun nicknames. While in line, you'll hear things like the resounding boom of a gong when appetizers are ready, Ninjas yelling "FIRE!" when they melt cheese and interesting greetings to welcome you into our Ninja family. 


We are passionate about our culture and our philosophy. You will find our culture wildly and sometimes subtly hidden in our customer service, systems, operations, marketing, employee development, training and... basically everything we do because that's how a true Ninja rolls! Passion comes from the heart and is the seed for true excellence and growth.  


Creativity is being able to express yourself. At Sus Hi Eatstation, we encourage our customers to be creative and to use their imagination to create sushi that is uniquely their own. Every single item that we make is unique to the individual, we never get two items that are identical. Every Ninja has their own style and we're here to help them master it.


Integrity Fast sushi with high quality ingredients. We stand by the quality of our ingredients - prepared fresh daily. Look into our kitchen dojo and you'll find our Ninjas skillfully preparing your food for the day. We believe in FRESH, FAST & FUN and in serving food that we will be proud to present to all those within our Ninja family!

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